Your mental health, always in mind.

InMind Behavioral Health leverages passion, expertise, and innovation to help everyone discover the best version of themselves.

From ground-breaking technologies to whole person based care, our team keeps you and your ultimate goal in mind.

Let’s Talk.

Whether you’re looking to make a change, determine new goals,
or simply find your best self – we’re here for you.

Our Services Include:

Counseling, Neurofeedback, Testing, Group Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, Trauma and Psychology.

Join our Team

From therapists and neurofeedback clinicians to dieticians and group therapy leaders, our team of individuals shares a singular mindset to help everyone along their path. When you join our team, you’ll be backed by passionate individuals who learn, grow and strive to make a positive impact on the mental health community.

We’re working on it.

Our website is under construction. Please check back soon to learn more about our Team and Services.

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